Dalton Highway Express operates June, July, and August


First departure NORTH for 2019 will be Saturday, June 1, 2019
and the last departure SOUTH for 2019 will be Wednesday, 28 August 2019.



Fairbanks to Deadhorse

Days: Saturday & Tuesday

Departs: Fairbanks 6:00 AM
  Yukon River 10:00 AM
  Arctic Circle 12:00 PM
  Coldfoot 2:00 PM
  Wiseman 3:00 PM
  Galbraith Lake 6:00 PM
Arrival: Deadhorse  10:00 PM


Deadhorse to Fairbanks

Days: Sunday & Wednesday

Departs: Deadhorse  8:00 AM
  Galbraith Lake 12:00 PM
  Wiseman 2:00 PM
  Coldfoot 3:00 PM
  Arctic Circle 5:00 PM
  Yukon River 7:00 PM
Arrival: Fairbanks 12:00 AM


Times shown above are approximate. To ensure service, reservations ABSOLUTELY must be made in advance. In the absence of reservations, the schedule will be altered or cancelled altogether for a certain date.

Typically, during the winter months, Dalton Highway Express takes reservations for any departure date within the summer operating season.

Once the summer operating season begins, we analyze the coming 10 to 14 days and cancel dates with no reservations.  Thus, in order to ensure a departure date, it is strongly recommended that reservations are made at least 30 days prior to the preferred date of travel.