Prudhoe Bay Whirlwind - Two Days

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

DAY 1:

Depart at 6:00 am from our departure terminal in Fairbanks located at 3820 University Avenue South (East Ramp Fairbanks International Airport). 

Travel takes place aboard 10-passenger vans and typically includes a mix of passengers and freight, both bound for points along the rugged, primarily gravel, Dalton Highway. Make sure to bring along snacks and beverages since stops tend to be short --- allowing just enough time to drop-off passengers, unload freight and/or provide a restroom break at one of just a few outhouses along the route. 

At Coldfoot Camp, approximately half-way to Deadhorse, there is enough time to use the facilities and order a meal (to go) from the Trucker's Cafe.  

Travel over the continental divide at Atigun Pass, down the North Slope, and across the Arctic Coastal Plain to Deadhorse.  Overnight at a Prudhoe Bay hotel or camp nearby.


NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended to opt to overnight at a hotel (Deadhorse Camp 907-474-3565 or 888-474-3565) in Deadhorse. There is no designated place to camp in Deadhorse, weather can be wintry (even during "summer" months), and bears commonly roam the area. Even seasoned back-country campers find the approximately $199 for a room in Deadhorse to be acceptable. Passengers are NOT allowed to sleep in the van.


DAY 2:

At approximately 7:00 am, take a shuttle out to the Arctic Ocean. Dalton Highway Express can make this reservation for you if you are connecting it with a southbound run of the Dalton Highway Express shuttle.  After traveling this far, it is definitely worthwhile to invest the additional time and expense to reach the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  It is mandatory to carry a government issued photo ID with you and provide the document number at the time of booking with Dalton Highway Express or directly with Deadhorse Camp. After the Arctic Ocean shuttle, depart Deadhorse at approximately 11:00 am and get back into Fairbanks at approximately 2:00 am.